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An exceptional selection of luxury vehicles designed to give you an unparalleled trip. We have carefully selected each vehicle in our fleet, ensuring that they meet our high standards of luxury, comfort, safety and respect for the environment.

Technology and sustainable elegance:
Travel with Iberdrive luxury trips and take care of the planet in style

At Iberdrive Viajes de Lujo, we are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment. For this reason, each of our vehicles is equipped with the latest technology to control CO2 emissions, thus guaranteeing a responsible and sustainable trip.

Our fleet is at your disposal 24/7, ready to take you wherever you need with the luxury and comfort you deserve. Welcome aboard Autos Frutos, where it’s not just about arriving on time, but arriving in style.


Start your experience with our luxurious and spacious Mercedes Benz V-Class. With capacity for up to 7 passengers, this vehicle is ideal for large groups, extended families, or those who want to enjoy additional space on their trip. Perfect for urban trips, airport transfers, or trips in and out of Madrid, the V-Class is distinguished by its elegance and luxury in every detail. In addition, its trunk, with a capacity of 610 liters that can be expanded to 1,410 liters by folding the seats, offers enough space for large pieces of luggage. Also available in Volkswagen Caravelle.

Capacity: 7 people + 7 large suitcases + 7 hand luggage

Mercedes Benz E Class

For those who value a perfect blend of style, functionality and safety, the Mercedes Benz E Class in our fleet is the ideal choice. This model stands out for its comfort and ability to maneuver with agility in traffic. Ideal for airport transfers, travel between meetings, or sightseeing tours of Madrid, the E Class ensures an efficient and protected trip. In addition, its trunk offers a capacity of between 370 and 540 liters, providing enough space for luggage and travel needs.

Capacity: 3 people + 3 large suitcases + 2 hand luggage

Mercedes Benz S Class

For those who seek the essence of luxury in every detail, the Mercedes Benz S Class is the perfect choice. This vehicle not only defines luxury and elegance, but also fits specific space and style needs. If you have particular requirements regarding number of seats or specific models, we are ready to help you. We have an extensive network of collaborators to satisfy all your needs. In addition, the S-Class has a 550-liter trunk, providing spaciousness and versatility for all types of trips.

Capacity: 3 people + 3 large suitcases + 2 hand luggage

mercedes sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter stands out as a highly efficient luxury vehicle, perfect for your group transportation needs. This model combines modern safety and comfort equipment, ensuring that each trip is a fully enjoyable experience. With the capacity to accommodate up to 19 passengers, along with an equal number of large and small suitcases, the Sprinter is ideal for small or large groups, providing comfort without sacrificing style.

Capacity: 16 passengers + 16 large suitcases + 16 small suitcases.


Our luxury buses represent the perfect option for those looking for first-class safety and comfort, specially designed for large groups. With an impressive capacity of 55 passengers, these buses can also accommodate 55 large suitcases and 55 carry-on bags, ensuring that all personal items and luggage travel in comfort and safety. These vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technologies and modern amenities to ensure a pleasant and worry-free journey. Ideal for group excursions, corporate trips, or any event that requires elegant and reliable transportation for a large number of people.

Capacity: 55 passengers + 55 large suitcases + 55 hand luggage


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